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2021 Sponsors

To be the best I need to have the best equipment and products to give me the competitive edge to shoot against the world’s best.



I chose to be a part of the Blaser team because of the unparalleled quality and service. If I ever need assistance with my F3, I make a phone call to Blaser Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, speak with a Blaser representative (not a recording). Then, I can over-night my gun to Blaser USA, the elite Blaser gun smiths perform the best quality and full turnaround service with minimal downtime and over-night back to me. This is where Blaser owns the market. They stand behind their products with the utmost integrity.


ESP- “Huh?” Doesn’t happen anymore when wearing my ESP Earplugs. My ESP Elite Digital Hearing Protection amplify the noises I want to hear while shooting yet shut off and act as an earplug while she shot is taking place. I wear them when I hunt and when I shoot. Electronic Shooters Protection has paved a way for me to converse on and off the course while still protecting my ability to hear. 

Rhino Custom 0.017 Choke

I shoot Rhino Chokes simply because I believe they throw the best pattern on a sporting clays course. The parallel section provides a shorter shot stream yet denser pattern. And quite honestly, I like the pretty smoke balls that my Rhino 0.017’s cause when I hit a target. 


When choosing eyewear, Pilla provides the widest variety of lenses to give you the opportunity to see every detail on a clay target in any given environment. I prefer the Outlaw X7 frames. The perfectly shaped lenses provide optimal coverage without any hindrance from outside light. Easily interchangeable lenses make it possible for a quick switch out when the background or light changes. This top of the line performance eyewear is a must for the competitive shooter. 




Like Video Games? I love them! Laser Shot has went above and beyond to create not only a super cool entertainment system, but an extremely valuable training tool that allows me to practice inside my own home. If I have friends over hanging out or just want a little private practice time, I can bust out my Laser Shot system and have some fun. The system has numerous games to sharpen your skills. Clay Shooting, Hunting, speed and timing training, or just some good ol’ fun, Laser Shot has you covered. 

Laporte has a strong push in the US market and has invited me to be part of their new “Dream Team”. I'm honored to be part of it and teammates with some of my best friends and competitors such as Anthony Matarese, Gebben Miles, Mike Wilgus, Bill McGuire, Bobby Fowler, Brad Kidd, Diane Sorantino and Katie Fox. Extremely strong team of ambassadors, sportsmen and outright wonderful people. 


Laporte has always been a strong name in the shooting industry and I'm very thankful to be included in this list. So why the change from MEC? It had nothing to do with the quality or performance of the equipment, I have always believed in both products and still do, I simply just felt it was the best decision to make for my family in the long run. 

Aguila is based out of my home town, Conroe, Texas! Actually Willis is my home town, but Conroe is the neighboring city. Aguila has a strong business team including my good, long time buddy Patrick Thomas and the wonderfully, talented marketing executive, Ms. Kristy Drawe and who couldn't love Patty Cuellar?! Aguila is a very strong brand name that provides quality ammunition and support to sportsmen and shooters all around. I chose to shoot the 1oz 1275 fps Competition Target load. It's soft and smooth recoil hammers targets giving me the target breaks and comfort I need to stay at the top of my game. Im also honored to be part of another strong team of competitors such as the dominating force known as Derrick Mein and the Guinness World Record Holder David Miller.


Flat out, the most comfortable, dependable, best fitting, gear on the market. Sitka Gear offers the outdoorsman the gear he needs to fight the elements and be comfortable at the same time. When I wear my Sitka Gear, I don’t care anymore when it rains. I also don’t mind it being cold or hot. I have the recipe for comfort no matter what Mother Nature throws my way. 


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