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Blaser F16

Blaser F16

Here you will see the complete breakdown of Blaser's newest over and under to hit the market - the F16. 

Blaser R8 Yukon Hunt

Talk about the trip of a lifetime! Hunting in the Yukon with Moon Lake Outfitters and the infamous R8 Blaser Rifle.

Laser Shot

Photo Gallery



Getting to shoot with the family!

One of my best friends and mentors, Anthony Matarese Jr.

Blaser R8

Goat down with Blaser R8!

For those that know me, probably know Pawpaw. Coolest guy around, and can catch a mess of fish!

Coaching my lovely bride.

Hunting with my brother and nephew #sitkagear

God has blessed me with such a wonderful family!

Good thing I didn't have a booger...

Our first born, Jewel, was ready to go hunting first day of dove season.

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