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Hints For the Terrible Gift Giver...

This is by far the coolest store I have ever seen. I have traveled the world shooting and this beats every high-end store tenfold. There is something for every outdoor enthusiast at the store from custom Clint Orms money holders and belt buckles, unique hunting and fishing equipment, one-of-a-kind shotguns and rifles that price from $1500 to $200,000 for the guys to fancy scarves, fur vests and blankets for the ladies. Like I said… Coolest. Store. Ever!

2. GIVE A GIFT IN SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME. Nothing says Christmas, like helping those in need.

One of our dear family friends sends out Christmas Cards each year, and in those cards is a donation to Texas Children’s Hospital in our names. Seriously, coolest Christmas card ever!

If you are looking for a great organization check out Sky High for Kids, and if you would rather help a small family in need, check out one of my best friends GoFundMe account – his mom is battling for her life and they are not able to afford much more.


Academy and Bass Pro take the cake for awesome stocking stuffers. From hand warmers, new fish and tackle, grunt calls, gloves, beanies, fishing lures, face paint sticks, etc.


Sitka Gear now has all three lines available for men, women and children. This is by far the best gear on the market and anyone in your family would love a piece from their collections!


There is something so special about spending time with loved ones outdoors. My wife plans really fun date days with the family and they don’t have to break the bank –

  1. Go to your local shooting range, pack lunch, go shoot a bit and have a picnic after! Check out my in-laws range that’s open to the public and easy place to bring the whole family – American Shooting Centers.

  2. Grab the fishing poles and head to your favorite pond or lake. Don’t pack anything, stop by Academy (or local outdoor store) grab some snacks, new fishing lures and don’t forget to take pictures!

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